RHPS40 will celebrate the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a variety of activities and special events. All events are tentative and subject to change.

Cast Banners
NYC is the meeting place of the United Nations, a group of wildly diverse countries working together to keep this planet alive.  This September, it will also be the home of our 40th Anniversary RHPS Transylvanian Convention, a meeting of the diversely wild casts dedicated to the message of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and keeping the fandom alive!  We'd like to show everyone just how many casts make up our community!  Consider this a call to action; we want cast banners to hang around the main convention ballroom from as many casts as possible as we celebrate the future of the movie we all love!

EVEN IF YOU OR YOUR CAST CANNOT ATTEND, you can still participate in this momentous event by having your cast's banner proudly displayed for all to see, living on in epic memories, photography, and video!  

  • Cast banners should include the name of the cast (currently performing, on hiatus, defunct, whatever!), logo, motto, whatever!  
  • Cast banners should be ROUGHLY 5 feet by 3 feet, but variation is welcome.
  • While we will treat the banners with care, we will not be able to guarantee that they will not be damaged in hanging.  
  • If you are not able to make it to the convention, but would like your banner displayed at RHPS40, contact us at rhps40@gmail.com to receive an address to send them to.


unOfficial Opening Party at Times Scare from 7p-11p
Join your fellow conventionists at The Kill Bar in Times Scare to kick off the weekend. Located just 8 blocks up 8th ave from The New Yorker Hotel it's the perfect place to meet old friends and make new ones. Enjoy 20% off your bar tab and $20 entry to the haunted house with your convention badge.

The Rocky Horror Puppet Show & Pajama Party from 10p - 1a
The return of a fan favorite event from AC08 convention. What happens when your favorite cult classic gets transformed into puppets? Don your favorite pajams and join us Thursday night to find out.

Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Due to Hedig closing on September 13th we won't be able to offer this experience any longer.


40 Years of Rocky Horror in the Media
Enjoy a video display of Rocky Horror references in television and movies from the past four decades.

Panel: Rocky Horror Authors
Authors of recent Rocky-themed books will host a Q&A and book signing.

Shock Treatment Screening
Celebrate Rocky Horror’s sequel/prequel/alternate-universe-uel with an interactive screening of Shock Treatment. The film will be accompanied by an all-star shadowcast. Just in case the catchy musical numbers aren’t enough to keep you entertained, a cash bar will be available at the venue.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Grand Time Warp Ball
The sonic transducer allowed the Transylvanians to infiltrate our world, but what if they used it to project themselves not just through space, but TIME ITSELF?! The possibilities are endless! Egyptian Pharaoh Frank? French aristocrat Columbia? Glistening Greek God Rocky? BUT WAIT... screwing with time can even create alternate time lines like a Victorian steam biker Eddie or Brad & Janet living inside a TV studio on the set of a weird reality show. No pressure though, you can always show up dressed like you do every weekend in your 1975 Magenta maid outfit. Costumes will be awarded throughout the night for creativity, characterization and craftiness. 

Rocky Fit Club
Because you don't have to be a Rocky to want to be fit! Join other fans who want sweat out last night's vices with a fun morning workout.  Join the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RockyFitClub/ for all the details.



Once again, we are hosting a preshow competition. Preshows can be live, video, or a combination of both and may not exceed 10 minutes. Please note that is a maximum, not a suggested length! A cast, other group, or individual can enter. Prizes will be awarded in various categories, and the judges will pick one preshow to be presented before the screening of Rocky on Saturday night. Please send a brief description of your preshow, including title, the name of the group (or individual) presenting the preshow, and runtime, to rhps40@gmail.com. Please put “Preshow” in the subject line.

Panel: Rocky Horror Around the World
International Rocky Horror fans will discuss what Rocky culture looks like outside the U.S.

Rocky Horror Art Show
Submit your artwork to be a part of our Rocky Horror gallery. To enter the art show, send an email to rhps40@gmail.com with a brief description of your piece, including size. Artists interested in selling their piece may display a price and will be responsible for handling the sale. We will attempt to secure various methods of display, but to be safe, please bring means to hang your work on a drape or stand alone.

Trivia & Word Games
Compete throughout the day in a variety of games that will test your knowledge of Rocky Horror and Cult Movie trivia. Then get set for the final round where each games winner will face off to be crowned champion of the day.

East Coast Premiere – “Rocky Horror Saved My Life”
For almost 40 years, people from all walks of life have "given themselves over to absolute pleasure" by performing live on the stages, aisles, and even seats of cinemas showing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."  "Rocky Horror Saved My Life" examines the origins and traditions of this truly unique cinematic phenomenon, from the perspective of those who sacrificed so much to keep it alive: Rocky Horror’s avid collectors, live performers, and devoted fans.  Crowd-funded by contributors from all over the world, RHPS40 marks the first time this fascinating look at the Rocky Horror community will be shown publically.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of cinematic history.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening
The climax of the weekend will be a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, presented with an international all-star shadowcast. This event will occur in a large, exciting venue and will feature a dance party, preshow, and more!

Rocky Fit Club
Because you don't have to be a Rocky to want to be fit! Join other fans who want sweat out last night's vices with a fun morning workout.  Join the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RockyFitClub/ for all the details.

Call for Submissions!

Would you like to lead a panel or do a presentation? Send your proposal to rhps40@gmail.com. Please note we have limited space in our schedule.