The Hotel

Where is the hotel?
The Wyndham New Yorker is located 481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 971-0101

Is there an X nearby?
The hotel is in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Anything you can imagine is within a few blocks of the hotel. We suggest Google Maps to find anything nearby

Do I need cash for the weekend?
We recommend keeping cash on hand. Some vendors may deal only in cash. The bars during the convention on Friday & Saturday will only take cash. There is an ATM in the lobby and every major bank is within a short walk of the hotel.


What do I need to pick up my ticket? I didn’t receive one in the mail.
Tickets were not mailed out. You will need an ID and ideally a copy of your receipt when you pick up your badge at the hotel.

When and where can I get my convention badge?
You can pick up your badges starting at 9am on Friday morning on the 2nd floor of the The New Yorker Hotel. Registration will stay open until 6pm on Friday and open again at 9am on Saturday morning.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
Unfortunately we are at capacity and cannot accommodate any additional ticket sales at the door.

What about Thursday night activities? Do I need my badge?
We will have a guest list at Times Scare and The Grand Ballroom for both Thursday night activities. You'll then pick up your badge on Friday.


Who is going to be at the convention?
Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn and “Little” Nell Campbell will be at the convention along with RHPS Fan Club President Sal Piro.

Can I get their autographs?
Every convention attendee will receive one ticket for an autograph from one of the celebrities. Additional autograph tickets can be purchase for $20 each. There will be 2 autograph sessions - Friday from 2p-4p and Saturday from 4p-6p.

Can I get a photo with Barry, Pat and Nell?
In order to keep the autograph line moving we cannot have each attendee take a photo with them. We will be offering a photo opportunity with the three of them for $50 which includes the digital file as well as a high-quality printout that will be mailed after the convention.


I still want to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night, where do I get those tickets?
They can be purchased directly through the theater box off at

I’m bringing a cast banner. Where do I drop it off?
We will have people setting up throughout the day on Thursday. Come by the Grand Ballroom on the 2nd floor of The New Yorker Hotel and give it to one of our staff members.

Still have a question? Email is at